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Redistribution of Decompression Stop Time from Shallow to Deep Stops increases incidence of Decompression Sickness in Air Dives: From the Navy Experimental Unit, USA. 2011.
Shallow V Deep stops on air.pdf
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Understanding M-Values by Eric Baker
Understanding M-values.pdf
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Sauerstoff-Toxizität: die O2 Uhr, MOD-OTU Tabelle nach Baumgarten u. CNS Tabelle nach NOAA
O2-Tables Deutsch.pdf
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Deep Air Sound
A story about diving deep - " I heard the wah-wah sound" by Bob Raimo
deep air sound.pdf
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Dive Profile for 49m / 68min Dive .........
49m - 68min.JPG
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Gas Exchange, Partial Pressure Gradients, and the Oxygen Window by Jonny Brain, Dept Anesthesia, University of Iowa College of Medicine
Oxygen Window.pdf
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Dive Profile for 55m / 33 min Dive on Air
55m dive profile.JPG
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Dive Profile for 40m / 80min on Air
40 m dive profile.JPG
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